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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Creativity and Free Time

Two wonderful words those are. Three former students of mine from ministry in PGH and Indy got together to put together a video. I'll let Brian explain the purpuse in an email he sent personally to me (and about a gazillion other friends of his):

I made a new funny music video and entered it into a contest on Googleidol. My video made the final four, and has a chance to be the actual music video for this band The Motorettes which will be shown on MTV. The public votes for the best video, and you can vote once everyday until the contest ends. Please click here to vote for our video. It is the one by KB Vidz and of course has yours truly singing and acting in it. So check it out, vote everyday, and more importantly TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW to do the same. We need all the help we can get. Thanks a lot! You can vote once a day until May 1st. That's when the contest is over. We are in the lead but voting is real close. Please help us keep and grow this lead! Thanks!

-Brian Raves
KB Vidz Productions
Here is the actual link to vote:

Now go cool would this be for these guys? What are you doing still reading this post...GO VOTE!!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Whose bum could this be?

Mamau and Parker checking out Uncle Dick's trains!

Louann, Jackie, Stephanie, Kelly, Mamau, Sarah, and Sherry

Mark and Parker filling up the eggs of cash!

Scout, Kelly, Evan, and Marcie

A daddy and his girl (Blane and Evan)

What up cuz?!

Granny and Parker

How low can you go?

Now where could those eggs be?

Mimi and Parker

Eggs are lots of work!

Eggs are interesting!

Eggs are fun!

The Hunger Site

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