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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

April _______ bring May _______

Ah, the last day of May. Weird. Time flies when you are in limbo - spiritually, emotionally, and vocationally. It seems like just yesterday that I was getting myself and a team of almost 75 people ready to go to east Africa and urban Indianapolis (that was a year ago). It also feels like it was just the beginning of September with a sense of anticipation of what I was going to discover about myself and my calling as I resigned from Grace. Now it's the end of May and I'm just trying to figure out what tomorrow's closing time is going to be like at Costco. Life comes at you fast and from unseen directions. Weird.

April was a tough month...lots of showers. So what has that brought me in Things that make you go hhhmmmmmm. I'm not really sure. I'm still strugglin'. I'm still scared. I'm still searchin'. But I'm also still hopeful. Still thankful. And still grace-full that God is still working on this battered and bruised tool willing to be formed. I can only chuckle at times that He doesn't throw in the trash heap. Weird.

So here comes June with all its glory and heat. I'll keep you posted as the journey continues (doesn't it always?). I wonder what pithy slogans will come out of this time...May hhhmmmmmms bring June _______. We'll have to wait and see. Thanks for being there and taking part. Your thoughts, prayers and conversations are huge! In the next couple of days or weeks I'll post something on some musing on this book I'm reading about desire and how I'm working through that.

My hands are held up high (and I'm totally pitting out. Kelly can we turn on the air?).

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Random Party Pics

My new documentary: The Granny Files

Presentation is everything.

Papau and his Sarah Beara

Finally everyone is gone. Now it's time for some serious old school gaming on PS One.

The Birthday boy is in control: of wagon and sister!

Two Day Party Peeps

Gotta love those party peeps!

Four chicks and the dude: Lilly (Jasmine in womb), Mandi, Drew, and Cara

Margo, Drew, and Randy...Now that's a good lookin' family!

Aarrgghh...I'm Jeff (the favorite pirate cousin!)

Ella and her mommy, sweet!

I have no idea who these guys are...they just showed b/c they saw the ballons. Wierd.

M&M Day for Parker

Here are some pics from Parker's big day!

My first wagon! Woohoo!


My big sister gave me Little Einstein pictures to put up by my bed!

Mmmmm...more cupcakes.

My M&M Birthday cake made by Ms. Tara. She totally rocks!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Picture Perfect

Here are a few pics of the fam taken over the last couple of weeks...

It's Mommy, Look at Me, and You're Squeezin'!

Is my girl growing up or what?

Now she wants a freakin' pony...what was I thinkin'?!

A daddy and his dude. So cool.

It takes a real man to pull off this look. I'd like to see you try it!

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