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Monday, November 21, 2005

Late Xmas, but early B-day...

It's my big 3-4 birthday today. It was a great day with the family: birthday donut in bed, chasing around the house, swiss roll/oatmeal pie birthday cake, and so much more. Kelly and the kids really spoiled me.

But I have to brag on my brother-in-law, Jim. He'd hate me doing this, but this picture is of last year's xmas/this year's birthday present...a very hip, two-level side table made of mahogany and cherry. It seriously is one of the coolest, most special gifts I have ever received. da man! Thanks! If anybody would like to have him make something for you or a loved one, let me know. I'll get you his email address and let him wow you like he has wowed me and many others in my family.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Tangible expressions of love...

There are lots of expressions of love and lately we've recieved some tangible expressions in our lives and I've come to thank God big time for His amazing goodness and generosity that He displays through others...

1. Our small group (those folks to the left - not pictured: the Bronsteins, Tolentinos, and Haynes) gave us a date night: two tickets to the movies (Kelly and I saw Dreamer - very sweet, true story) and some cash to go out to eat...too stinkin' cool and just what the doctor ordered. The couple on the far left - Chris and Anne even watched our kids (it was really practice - they are due at the end of December with their first)!

2. We got a $100 gift card to Wal-Mart...huge...and we don't even know from who. It just showed up in the mail with a small, gracious note. That just about covers groceries for a month. How sweet is that!?

3. My bro and sis-in-law, Bret and Leigh Ann, send us a box of clothes for the kids just about every other month like clockwork. It blows me away. Our kids are clothed, we save a ton of cash (we haven't bought clothes for the kids in like two years), and we get to experience God's love in a very tangible way - very cool!

4. Family that watches our kids - thanks Mark, Bryan, and Jeff (and of course Jackie and Carl for providing the drop in center). That allowed us to spend some time at the funeral of Emma Katherine Richey, the daughter of some of our best friends, Dave and Annette.

Those are just a few of the many way in which God has loved on us through His people. Thanks all for loving Him and loving us!

MMMM...drug tests...

Drug tests are fun...seriously...well, maybe not that fun, but when the stongest drug you have taken in the 5 years is Advil, it's commical to think of taking a drug test. But while I was waiting for the results I couldn't help but think to myself, "Did I eat poppy seeds last night?" The reason for the drug test was for employment possibilities at the USPS. How wierd to think that I could be delivering mail to somebody...maybe even you! What a wierd season to think that could be my next vocational move. Who woulda thunk it?

Things are moving on for the Rings family here in Indy. Kelly and I are being patient with each other during this season of transition. She is especially patient with me more often than not. I on the other (who am usually pretty patient) am having to work really hard at producing that fruit in my life. I think it's because I'm so impatient with myself that it spills out into other areas and on to other relationships.

We've had a ton of people continue their faithful, gracious pursuit of us during this tough time. People who know when we want to get serious and others who know when to just hang and talk about the normal, goofy, fun stuff of life. Thanks, y'all!

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