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Monday, November 21, 2005

Late Xmas, but early B-day...

It's my big 3-4 birthday today. It was a great day with the family: birthday donut in bed, chasing around the house, swiss roll/oatmeal pie birthday cake, and so much more. Kelly and the kids really spoiled me.

But I have to brag on my brother-in-law, Jim. He'd hate me doing this, but this picture is of last year's xmas/this year's birthday present...a very hip, two-level side table made of mahogany and cherry. It seriously is one of the coolest, most special gifts I have ever received. da man! Thanks! If anybody would like to have him make something for you or a loved one, let me know. I'll get you his email address and let him wow you like he has wowed me and many others in my family.

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