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Friday, July 28, 2006

Our Budding Photographer

Sarah loves to take pictures. So I decided to put some of her photographs in this virtual gallery so that you can see what Kelly and I see as a gift (and a means of early retirement! hahaha). Enjoy! Below each picture are titles that Sarah has given each of these works of art.

Bridge Over Troubled Waters

What Color is your Flip Flop?

Maternal Influence

No Parker!!!

Number 4

Exploring Indy

Over the past month or so we have ventured out into the vast expanse and wilderness know as Indianapolis to see what we could find for fun and adventure. Two of our stops: The Canal at White River State Park in downtown and Cool Creek Park and Trails in Westfield.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Girls Night Out

My sister, Marcie, and niece, Scout, came out for a little girls night out on the town here in Indy. They ate some food, shopped a bit, and talked a ton. It was really cool having them out. My nephew, Alex, and I held down the fort, played with the kids and successfully wrestled my wild (albeit sweet) little buggers into bed. Good times were had by all.

What would a girls night out be without a little reading from the Berenstein Bears!

The terrific trio!

Guess who got goosed?!

Work it...very nice...give me more...strike a pose...there's nothing to it...vogue!

Come closer, Scout...too close - a little too close!

Where in the Crib Is Sally Cat?

It's the fast growing blog game sensation in America. It's taking the country by storm. Look for the book, DVD, CD-ROM, and music video at a Barnes and Noble and cable access stations (and of course Costco!) near you.

Relational Floaties

Just wanted to honor my friends that have helped during these past few months to keep me afloat and moving forward. I am more like Jesus because of their influence on me and my family. This is just a "snap shot" of the many that have loved us deeply during this stretch of life.

A Party, A Princess, and Their Pictures

Here are a few pictures from Sarah's big #4! It was a great day...thanks to all the friends and family that came and made is such a special day for our biggest girl!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

April showers bring May AND June...

Muddy waters. That's about how it feels these days. Lack of personal vision. Inability to sense God's vocational directive or hear His voice. Inner struggle of how to work in conjunction with the hand of God and the movement of the Holy Spirit. All of that and then some adds up to some confusion and not much clarity. Ugh. It's tiring having to trust this damn much, but, just maybe, that's part of covert plan for my life. So I keep going. Punching that clock. Taking those breaks. Searching those web sites. Reading those job descriptions. Feeling huge discouragement. All in an effort to communicate to Kelly, the kids, and the world around me that I will follow (good U2 song, btw!).

I have to laugh because if you ask me at certain times (like right now) if I enjoy my faith journey, I'd have to say, "Heck no! This faith thing is for the birds!" It's hard, messy and unpredictable - I guess that's why we call it faith. It can be really tough to wade through. But - and that's a big but - I continue to remind myself of the truth that God is not about my comfort, but my character and that is driven by His great love for me. It's so that I can continue to experience how awesome He is and to continue to unearth who He's making me to be. It's truth. It's real. I read it in Scripture. I see it in the lives of people dead and gone and also those alive and kickin'. And that my fellow trekkers is good - very good. God is at work...He is always faithful...I will still worship.

So there you have, uncertainty, mud, follow - muddy waters. That's where I'm at and it's where I'm swimming. And thank you, Jesus, for those wading in the water with me: family, my prayer triad, friends across the country and oh that amazing bride of mine - Kelly. She is amazing. God only knows where I'd be without her. Babe, you have been, are, and always will be the best! And what can I say Whodie and the Wildman - Sarah and Parker? From spontaneous ballet sessions to spotting HUGE bia bags (I'll give you three guesses as to what that is), God reminds me to stay on my toes, keep laughing, and be about the Father's business of loving and serving people no matter what.

Grace and peace.

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