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Friday, March 30, 2007

The Waiting Game - An Update

Monday, April 1, 10 am. That's my interview time for the School Counseling program at UDayton. Thanks for supporting and praying for me. I'll let you know how things go.

Monday, March 26, 2007

The Waiting Game

The waiting game with is a tough game to play. It can be tough on the nerves. Tough on the mind. And it can be especially tough on the heart.

I called UD today to see where "we" are at on scheduling for interviews for the School Counseling program. When I called, I talk to a lady who said that ALL the interviews have been completed for that program. Gulp. I said there must be some mix up b/c the lady I was calling for had just called last week to set something up. She said NO they were ALL completed last week. Yikes! She then transferred me another person who would be able to answer some questions. They weren't there so I left a message. To make a long story short, somebody within the Education Department called me and said that all the interviews had not been completed and that somebody would be calling me in the next day or so. Whew!

After that phone call, I put my head in my hands and prayed. I know God has my best interests at heart and so I wait for Him. But it's really hard. Really, really hard. The not knowing. My confusion. Insecurities. Exercising faith. You know this faith thing isn't as easy as it sounds. But He's all I have and this faith is all I got. That goodness He's in the boat with me.

So here we go (or continue to go). Wait and trust. Trust and obey. And then at the end of the day...wait some more. Whoever thinks this faith thing is easy has another thing coming. But God wouldn't have it any other way (but there are times that I sure would! haha).

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Chris Sligh and American Idol

I recently heard that Chris Sligh, a contestant on American Idol, was a Christ-follower. I am always a bit sceptical (and a bit hopeful) that this is true b/c I've heard so many stories which turn out to be flat out fabrications. But as Kelly was telling me again tonight while watching Idol that she was pretty sure he was and that he might even lead worship at the church he attends. Very cool. So bumping around here tonight I came across this blog which pointed me to the here and thought there may be some truth to this thing.

Now I don't think he is going to win American Idol, but I do like him and have liked him from his very first apperence in the audition rounds. I hope he shuts up all the legalistic Christians out there that are riding him for not singing more Christian songs. To them I say, "Shut the front door!" Chris, if you are reading this out there (and I know you are...not): keep doing your thang and pumping fresh sounds into sometimes lame cover tunes.

Here is a video for his band, Half Past Forever. Enjoy.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Kingdom, Bono and the NAACP

Here's what I love about the Kingdom gospel: it is anywhere and everywhere. It is lived out and spoken by blacks, whites, Africans, Americans and Irish. If we will simply open our hearts, see with our eyes, and listen with our ears, God will show you and tell you what He is all about. Here is His heart as shared by Bono at the NAACP Awards.

An Intro for All Intros

Found this clip after hearing and reading about from several people and web sites. I'm pretty sure Jesus might shy away from this kind a thing, but I sure do love it. It's Steve Harvey's introduction of Jesus for His Second Coming. Enjoy. It's pretty cool.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Got Time?

I'd love to see the answers to these potential surveys. I am sure they would be very insightful as to the profession of vocational youth ministry. But until someone takes or finds the time, it'll be good to simply think about answers and their implications.

Here is the first paragraph of the article:

"A few weeks back, one of the responses to my article was a request for “Hard Data” on the tenure of Youth Pastors. Sadly - it would take a lot of time to pull the quote and find the answers. But the fact is we need better data on these things. I know some churches aren't fully honest when it comes to the tenure of their youth pastors..."

The same guy writes some other blogs for the same site (like this one) that totally infuriate me given his typical evangelical bull, laughable American "quitters never win and winners never quit" mentality, and all the christian jargon that anyone can barely handle. BUT his list of potential youth ministry surveys is interesting.

David, Goliath, and Can You Hear Me Now

In today's post-modern, emerging church, there is huge push to tell the stories of the Bible in fresh and distinctive ways that communicate the truth of the Kingdom of God to a new generation of people far from and near to Jesus.

So today, Sarah, Parker and I were re-telling/acting out the story of David and Goliath. It's an amazing event if you can read with "new" eyes and hear it with fresh ears. And I certainly wore those this time around.

I was playing the parts of King Saul (the ruler of Israel) and Jesse (David's dad). Sarah played the part of David and Parker was Goliath. Towards the beginning of the story we have Goliath march out and taunt the army of Israel. So Sarah and I called in Goliath/Parker for him to scare us. As he walked in, he was yelling to us:

"Fe Fi Fo Fum
I smell the blood of an Englishman.
Be he alive or be he dead,
I'll grind his bones
to make my bread."

How's that for updating the classic telling of Goliath's speech with the classical speech of the giant from Jack and the Beanstalk?!

Then in our little recreation of the story, we move to Jesse giving David chunks of cheese and loaves of bread to take to his brothers who are fighting in the battle against the Philistines (Goliath's peeps). So I load up David/Sarah with cheese and bread and turn to tell her take this to her brothers, when she tells me to wait because she's talking on her Barbie cell phone!

Wow! Talk about your modernization of an ancient biblical/historical event! I was cracking up. Work that version into your next reading or teaching on that passage of Scripture.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sweet 16 - Oh The Madness!

Well, one of the greatest weekends on the planet's calendar is coming to a close. Why? Because the first two rounds of March Madnessare over. An unbelievable display of guts, drive, blood, sweat, and, yes, tears. It's the weekend where you pull for the upset unless it's against your team or your bracket pick (even then you just might finding yourself pulling for the little guy)!

I love watching everything about this weekend. I love watching the fans the roadtrip to the games. I love listening to the broadcasters breakdown college hoops. I love pulling for Butlers, Wintrops, Albanys, and Creightons of the tourney. I love catching a glimps of the walk-ons on the bench with their arms interlocked as the clocks wind down in a tight game. And I love anticipating the miracle game winning shot that propels one team to glory and the other to agony.

It simply is great. And I dare maybe the greatest sporting event our country knows (even over the Super Bowl, World Series, Stanley Cup, and NBA Finals). I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am. It brings a huge smile to my face!

p.s. My Final Four is still intact. Is yours?

Monday, March 12, 2007

100 (or So)

A buddy of mine, Chuck, was telling our small group of friends about this craze called Flash Mob. It's where a group of people get together to do random acts for fun in public places. So I looked it up on You Tube and here are a few example (of the many) that I found and that you could look through. Totally harmless, yet totally fun. And as one guy wrote, "The expressions on people's faces are great!"

There could be some fun community stuff in this that could be used in a college ministry on a campus or in a youth ministry of a town or city. Tons of good ideas. Lots of great memories.

Taking the Next Step

Just wanted to bring you up to date on the grad school thing. U of Dayton (the NCAA plays the "play in" game for the NCAA Tournament there between the 64th and 65th seed teams) called and said they would like to interview me for the program. That is pretty cool. It is one more faith step in this direction. So I will call them tomorrow to set up an official time. The first time they gave didn't work out with my funky retail/weekend driven work schedule. They were very understanding and gracious. So tomorrow I will take the next step and see if we can't get something on the calendar. Thanks for thinking and praying for me everystep of the way.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Welcome to Hollywood, Baby!

My brother, Blane, works for a credit union as a financial planner. This is a commercial they run on cable channels and is an obvious play on the Mac vs PC commercials. This video is going to catapult him into superstardom!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Potentially Dangerous Questions

I'm reading one of my favorite authors right now, Don Everts. He's a campus guy/author/speaker on staff with InterVarsity. His latest book is God in the Flesh. In the book, he makes the thesis that fixing our eyes on Jesus is paramount to life. Also in the book he poses what he calls "potentially dangerous questions" that "just might make room for God to speak into our lives." And so as I wrestle with them, I will post them for you to wrestle with (knowing that you don't have the context from which they are buy the book). So here is questions 1 and 2 from the first couple of chapters.

Potentially Dangerous Question #1: If I received a letter or e-mail from a friend encouraging me to "remember Jesus," how would that make me feel?

Potentially Dangerous Question #2: Why is that each season of ingathering [revival] that the church has seen has been marked by a renewed centrality and focus upon Jesus?

Feel free to not comment and just think or comment on what you think and feel either about one of the questions or even both. I'd be curious to know.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

What Not To Listen To

Ever seen that show on cable called "What Not To Wear". It's where friends of a person send them to New York for this week long overhaul of fashion and style. Well, it's exactly what I need but of the musical variety.

So here is what I'm asking from you. Post a comment stating your top three bands/artists that you are listening to right now. I have one condition: they have to be current. I'm talking within the last couple to few years. So if you are posting like... .38 Special, Harry Connick Jr., Boston, or even thanks. I've got all that stuff and them some.

Thanks for your help in this endeavor. Kelly and I will be much appreciated (as will our CD players).

More Wedding Weekend Pics

Kelly, Kelly's Aunt Kathleen, and Kelly's sister Jackie

The Siblings - Kathleen, Mike, and Lou

Uncle Mike and the namesake - You da man!

The Three Cousins - John, Parker, and Bryan

Sarah and Uncle Mike

Pictures from Michael's Wedding

Two weekends ago, we traveled to Cincy to be apart of Kelly's younger brother Michael's wedding to Steph. It was a nice cerimony, fun receiption, and goo times with family. Here are just a couple of pics from the wedding from the Rings' perspective. We really do clean up nice!

Monday, March 05, 2007

UD Update

Got a call from UD today to set up a personal appointment/interview for the school counseling program. That's a good thing. Just thought I'd let you know. Thanks for thinking and praying for this. It's huge.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Whack Back Update

Well, I've got the official diagnosis from my doc: one slipped disc and another torn disc in the L4 and L5 area (lower back/lumbar region). Not bad. Here are some pics of my spine and discs for your viewing and diagnosing pleasure. For my medical friends and fam out there, if you want more jazzy MRI images, just let me know and I'll email you more.

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