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Monday, March 26, 2007

The Waiting Game

The waiting game with is a tough game to play. It can be tough on the nerves. Tough on the mind. And it can be especially tough on the heart.

I called UD today to see where "we" are at on scheduling for interviews for the School Counseling program. When I called, I talk to a lady who said that ALL the interviews have been completed for that program. Gulp. I said there must be some mix up b/c the lady I was calling for had just called last week to set something up. She said NO they were ALL completed last week. Yikes! She then transferred me another person who would be able to answer some questions. They weren't there so I left a message. To make a long story short, somebody within the Education Department called me and said that all the interviews had not been completed and that somebody would be calling me in the next day or so. Whew!

After that phone call, I put my head in my hands and prayed. I know God has my best interests at heart and so I wait for Him. But it's really hard. Really, really hard. The not knowing. My confusion. Insecurities. Exercising faith. You know this faith thing isn't as easy as it sounds. But He's all I have and this faith is all I got. That goodness He's in the boat with me.

So here we go (or continue to go). Wait and trust. Trust and obey. And then at the end of the day...wait some more. Whoever thinks this faith thing is easy has another thing coming. But God wouldn't have it any other way (but there are times that I sure would! haha).

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