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Monday, March 19, 2007

Got Time?

I'd love to see the answers to these potential surveys. I am sure they would be very insightful as to the profession of vocational youth ministry. But until someone takes or finds the time, it'll be good to simply think about answers and their implications.

Here is the first paragraph of the article:

"A few weeks back, one of the responses to my article was a request for “Hard Data” on the tenure of Youth Pastors. Sadly - it would take a lot of time to pull the quote and find the answers. But the fact is we need better data on these things. I know some churches aren't fully honest when it comes to the tenure of their youth pastors..."

The same guy writes some other blogs for the same site (like this one) that totally infuriate me given his typical evangelical bull, laughable American "quitters never win and winners never quit" mentality, and all the christian jargon that anyone can barely handle. BUT his list of potential youth ministry surveys is interesting.

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