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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Chris Sligh and American Idol

I recently heard that Chris Sligh, a contestant on American Idol, was a Christ-follower. I am always a bit sceptical (and a bit hopeful) that this is true b/c I've heard so many stories which turn out to be flat out fabrications. But as Kelly was telling me again tonight while watching Idol that she was pretty sure he was and that he might even lead worship at the church he attends. Very cool. So bumping around here tonight I came across this blog which pointed me to the here and thought there may be some truth to this thing.

Now I don't think he is going to win American Idol, but I do like him and have liked him from his very first apperence in the audition rounds. I hope he shuts up all the legalistic Christians out there that are riding him for not singing more Christian songs. To them I say, "Shut the front door!" Chris, if you are reading this out there (and I know you are...not): keep doing your thang and pumping fresh sounds into sometimes lame cover tunes.

Here is a video for his band, Half Past Forever. Enjoy.


dannyorrick said...

Seth freakin' Rings!
What's up - this is Danny Orrick. You remember me the red-head kid who used to rain jumpers on you at the Den Sem outdoor game. So how have you been? I got this link from Charlie Dean's blog and was fired up to see you out here. Drop me a line when you get a chance I'd love to hear how life is treating you -

Dr. Matt Rings said...

Too cool! He has a bright future!

[putting on shades]

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