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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

What Not To Listen To

Ever seen that show on cable called "What Not To Wear". It's where friends of a person send them to New York for this week long overhaul of fashion and style. Well, it's exactly what I need but of the musical variety.

So here is what I'm asking from you. Post a comment stating your top three bands/artists that you are listening to right now. I have one condition: they have to be current. I'm talking within the last couple to few years. So if you are posting like... .38 Special, Harry Connick Jr., Boston, or even thanks. I've got all that stuff and them some.

Thanks for your help in this endeavor. Kelly and I will be much appreciated (as will our CD players).


ckd said...

My Chemical Romance -- The Black Parade (might want to go with the Wal-Mart version if you want to play it with the kids around)

All-American Rejects -- if you like pop/punk, this is good stuff.

Norah Jones -- her new one is pretty decent

from a couple years back, Damian Rice, O. His newer one, 9, isn't as good.

Remember the concert we went to at that seedy bar in Denver on 4th of July -- miss you guys!!

ckd said...

Can't believe I didn't add The Fray onto my list...if you only want three, scratch Norah Jones, and insert The Fray -- for sure!

stephanie said...

Hey Seth,

I know we don't talk a lot, but I just LOVE sharing music with people! :-)

Jonny Lang - You definitely need to check him out. A lot of his older stuff is bluesy, but his new CD isn't quite as much. The new CD, Turn Around, has a very strong Christian message, and just kickin awesome music! I just love this CD so much that I want to buy a copy for everyone I know! There are some pretty powerful songs on this CD as well. Although, you can't go wrong with any of his CDs. He has a really neat story too, of how he came to be a Christian. If I can find this one article I read, I'll send it your way.

Los Lonely Boys - They're great. They have a kind of blues-rock/Santana-ish sort of sound, but I find it hard to really put them in a category. They are 3 brothers, and incredibly talented. If you get a chance, try to check out their live CDs or DVDs...they are definitely awesome live. I am probably actually traveling to Virginia to see them this summer (as well as visiting a college friend) and hopefully also Baltimore to see them again.

Keith Urban - I'm sure you've heard his name. Don't know if you know much of his music. He is incredibly talented.

Family Force 5 - I blame Pat for getting me into this band. Haha. I think he saw them at Creation. They're a Christian group, and just fun, kickin music.

Gotta add Joe Bonamassa. The guy is amazing. I wish I was half that talented. Haha.

Sorry...I feel like I'm writing you a book here. LOL. I hope you can check some of these guys out.

Steph (from Pgh.)

Dr. Matt Rings said...

It's more than three artists and its free for alot of songs or a couple pennies a song. The more popular, the more the price to download creeps up.

Still new, still cheap! And it's free to sample the tunes or download the free songs of yet-to-be discovered artists!

Your bro,

Seth said...

You guys rock! Thanks a ton. I'm getting a pretty good list together. Now the question is can I afford it!? haha.

Dr. Matt Rings said...

Thom Shepherd - saw him in concert in town. One of those small intimate concerts at a home of a Nashville songwriter who lives here. VERY COOL! And THE way to see a concert... only about 75 people and I sat about 6 feet from him!

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