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Friday, October 21, 2005

Blog Up High

Held up high, that is what my hands's a sign of surrender and trust: a picture of where I am right now (I think). I surrender to where God has me and what He's got for me. I, also, trust Him wife, my kids, my life...I hold my hands up high for my heavenly Dad to lift us up, hold us close, and carry us forever. We are yours...thank you!

So here I go...bloggin' for the fun and journey of it. By the way...that's my boy in the pic. And sometimes I feel like that picture: With so many pumpkins to pick and choose from and so much to think about and do, I just need to deal with the pumpkin right in front of me before feeling overwhelmed by the "patch" I am in. This blog is the pumpkin right now; tomorrow it will be something different. But this I hands are HELD UP HIGH!

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