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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

How Much Do You Love?

When I close at Costco, I usually get home around 9:00pmish. If the kids have had a big day or not had a nap (usually Sarah), then the kids are usually asleep when I get home. When they have had a normal day and/or had naps (especially Sarah) then they are usually awake when I get home. I say hey to Kel, give her a kiss and make my way back to the kids room. If they are up Parker is in his bed playing with one of his trucks and Sarah is in her bed reading one of her books. When I come in they are pretty stoked and say, "Daddy!" It brings a huge smile to my face.

So the other day I get home and they are both up doing their thing in bed. I come in and we talk about their day for a just a couple of minutes. Parker talks about playing with Thomas choo-choo and Sarah about ballet. We talked, hugged and kissed and I was about to leave the room when Sarah called to me and said:

Sarah: Daddy.

Me: Yes, baby?

Sarah: I love you.

Me: I love you, too.

Sarah: I love YOU everyday!

Me: speechless.

It was pretty sweet...enough so to make this daddy tear up and give his girl another big hug and kiss. Wow. And so we've adopted a phrase to say how much we love each other in the Rings family...I love you everyday!

So how would you describe or how do you describe the love you have for people in your family and life? Just curious.


Dr. Matt Rings said...

Wow. Kids are awesome! It's something God would say...

I love you everyday.

Marcie Solin said...

When Alex was a younger boy, our "secret" word was GOOGLE. That meant we loved each other more than we could ever say -- and to think that was before the incredible search engine!! Wow!! Google to my 15 year old boy!!!

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