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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Blog Letter To A Friend

I've been stewing on some ideas for a time about our (Kelly and me) experience and learnings trying to find and connect in a church community here in Dayton. The process has been very difficult and sometimes very discouraging for Kelly and I. We knew it would be given our affection for the church and community that we were apart of in Indiana (even though I had experienced some serious pain there). Thus, I've been thinking about how I might express this stuff in some other fashion than your run-of-the-mill post, all the while, trying to be both honest with myself about the Church I love and helpful to others with like passion.

Then I got an idea: write some letters/posts/notes to my friend, Charlie. Charlie and I have been friends from back in the day while at Denver Seminary. Since graduating and going our different ways post seminary, Charlie and I have kept in touch through email, our blogs, Christmas cards, and our wives. You can find out more about Charlie, his family and his wife on his blog charlieDEAN. He was one of my blogs of the month last year (see post).

But why I'm writing Charlie is that he and some crazy, like-minded friends of his feel like sharing more of Jesus, themselves, and the Kingdom with people near and far from God in Peoria, IL by planting a church, Imago Dei (Peoria style not Portland). You can find out more about that process over on his blog. It's pretty cool and I'm totally stoked for all who are apart of it and then all who come in contact with it. Anywho...I thought he might get a kick (and some insight) out of this pastor's voyage as former paid pro to a wide-eyed lay person as they figure out how to help new peeps like me find roots in that church.

There will be just a few posts to this series. I'll try and not just be critical, but offer a few ideas to how to improve the process. Maybe in the comments you, too, could post some issues/difficulties you have/had with connecting to the Church, its message, and its mission. But if you do that, you have to offer a solution or two for correcting it or I'll have to delete the comment (no simple bitch session here).

Charlie, thanks for being a part of my little constructive venting process. This is probably more for me than you, but you never know what little nugget my fall in your lap that God will use to shape your community. Is that vain or what? are the best!

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