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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Advent and the Wait and the Watching

Christmas. It's a season of watchfulness. Watching for sales and deals. People watching at the mall. Watching which checkout line will go fastest. Present watching to see how many and what size will end up under the tree.

It's also a time of watching family watching...who is coming over for Christmas dinner? Personal will I handle the stress of the holiday season again? Spiritual there something more than the go-go-go and get-get-get of Christmas?

Lastly, it's a time of advent watching. Angels and shepherds? Wise men and stars? A baby and a barn? What is God showing us? What is he point to? What is He asking me to look for and at? What will change? How will I act on what I see?

May this advent liturgy video again invite us to go a little deeper as to the part God is inviting me to watch in the nativity narrative.

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