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Monday, January 24, 2011

What Keeps You Working Where You Work?

This is one of my favorite articles in the year. It's about the best companies to work for in America as rated by employees. I've been reading this article for about 4-5 years now.

But this year an employee quote really got me. Got me thinking. Got me wondering. Got me looking (not for another job or employer). Got me listening. Here's the quote:

"People stay at SAS in large part because they are happy, but to dig a little deeper, I would argue that people don't leave SAS because they feel regarded — seen, attended to and cared for. I have stayed for that reason, and love what I do for that reason."

People don't leave...they feel regarded. Seen. Attended to. Cared for.

Wow...that is deep...vocationally, emotionally, communally, and spiritually deep. It speaks of value both for the individual and to the team. It speaks of value that who I am and what I do matter to the company, to the culture, and to the coin (or bottom line).

You can hate what you do even though you love what you do because you are not valued. It doesn't mean you don't become a slacker and not work hard or do the right thing. Even though your boss (bosses) is an ass, egotistical, aloof, etc. can play a HUGE part in what you feel about what you do that doesn't mean you pass that on to your staff, students, clients, and/or team.

But it's a reality that how we value people matters...and not just with words, but with some jack/perks/schwag/etc that is creative, thoughtful, and intentional. This article is filled with all sorts of value-added perks that make people feel regarded and, thus, love doing what they love doing, simply like doing or maybe even hate doing.

Makes me what want to lead, serve, and be apart of creating a culture of seeing, attending, and caring for those that work for me and with me. Makes me wonder what I'm doing to make that happen right now in the school in which I work. Makes me what to take account of my work/ministry culture by asking and listening to the heart of those in the trenches with me.

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