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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Potential new frontiers

We'll the days of delivering mail are more being locked out, stressed out, and written up for reasons God only knows. But with the passing of the USPS (which I am truly thankful for the experience, the work, and the people that I met - y'all rock!), comes the dawning of a new age, well, potienal new age: Costco and/or substitute teaching at Noblesville High School.

I had my interview with Noblesville High School today and it went very well. So barring any unforseen setbacks, I could be working there ASAP. But if all goes well in my interview tomorrow at Costco, I may not have to or be able to teach at the high school level. (It is still so wierd for me to be writing about real, everyday jobs and not some ministry position somewhere. Funky.) I am excited, albeit a little scared, about the Costco opportunity. I'd be working in their marketing department, hitting the streets, and marketing/selling Costco's mission, vision, values, and product to great NW Indy. Wow...overall this really is a better fit than the Post Office because of my ability to relate and connect with people and paint a picture of how Costco could work for them or their business. But we will see...I've gotta get hired first!

So for my family, friends, and strangers out there reading this, there is a quick update on where things are at on the job front. I still continue to put my feelers out there for ministry/church ministry positions, but to be honest, I look at them and wonder to myself, "Do I have what it takes?" I really do lack some serious confidence in myself and, to be honest, the Lord as it relates to serving and leading in a ministry context (even though I keep thinking that it is all I have known and worked for for the past 17 years)...hhhmmmm....We'll keep crossing those bridges as we get to them.

Thanks for all your thoughts, prayers, emails, and phone calls. They bring much needed smiles to my face (and we all know how much my face needs help!).

1 comment:

Dr. Matt Rings said...

Dang! The Post Office gig sounded pretty good.
What did you get written up about? Were you drag racing the mail trucks again? :)

Good luck on the school thing and the costco job... keep the blog going!!!

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