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Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Ultimate Autograph Ball!

Check this...

My amazing Uncle Jim has been on this amazing quest for Special Olympics (SO). He's a big time volunteer for them (among other organizations). To help them raise money, he has tracked down with his own network, money, ingenuity, and hard work every living Heisman trophy winner. They have all signed this ball and he is going to give it to SO for them to auction off at a major fund raiser. It is an amazing accomplishment. One that I am so proud of my uncle for undertaking. He truly is one of the most generous men I have every had the priviledge of knowing. You rock, Uncle Jim!

Here is the mother load of all autographed balls:

1 comment:

Kaye Albright said...

Seth, thanks for your sweet compliments about Uncle Jim. He and I appreciated it. Great picture of the ball.

He talked with someone at Cooperstown and he is now starting to gather autographs of Cy Young winners. Oh my! Here we go again. Love, Aunt Kaye

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