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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Where in the World is...

...Seth Freaking Rings!? I'm here...settling into the Costco thing...trying to figure out new rythms (sp?)...and trying to remember my badge every morning so I can clock in and get paid! Welcome to the real world, right? Sarah asks me every morning, "What's that place you work, Daddy?" And I say, "Costco." She replies, "Oh, yeah! I've been there once! Let's eat breakfast. OK, Daddy?" She is so great.

You know I was thinking today as I was making some business contacts (some serious cold calls) that here I am, the guy who can talk to anyone, who's never met a stranger or someone he didn't like and I'm terrified to introduce myself and sell people my company and it's experience. Wierd. I am literally dealing with some goofy/scary stuff inside me each and everyday I'm on the street working and selling.

I'm not sure why that is. Maybe I'm a wuss. Maybe a lack of passion for what I'm selling. Maybe it's simply not who I am. Whatever it is, I'm praying for God's power and grace to push me through the day to give my very best. Because as I said before, I am so thankful for the this job, this opportunity to learn, this chance to rub shoulders with new people, and this place to trust God fully.

But the more that I am away from vocational ministry, the more I miss it (even though I still wonder if I have what it takes to "get the job done"). I miss the heart of ministry, sharing your life and the life of Jesus with others regardless of whether they are spiritual or not. I miss the heart to heart connections that take place each and everyday with broken people. I miss not having to remember to take your badge to work. I miss the fun that goes with being around students and the adults that love them. I miss believing that the work I do really matters.

The corporate world isn't very fun's challenging work with some really amazing people who are smart, talented and dedicated beyond belief (they really do amaze me and I'm learning from them all the time), but I wouldn't say that it has been fun for me. Who may get more fun as time goes on because I'll be more familiar and passionate about the company, it's products/services, and the overall experience.

But it's also been nice for this season to truly leave work at work. When I clock out...I'm out, baby! That's really a wild feeling. No more event's coming around the more mid-week programs that keep coming and coming and coming and more wondering when the next normal weekend I'll have with Kelly and the kids will be (though retail life has it's fair share of weekends). That's been pretty stinkin' cool. But at the end of the proverbial day...I miss the mission and hope of the church and drawing people into the flow.

That's my story today...Thanks for listening.

(a dollar to the first person who can guess what that stands for...ooooo - big spender!)

1 comment:

Lady Di said...

Does TAFK stand for

Miss you guys!!!

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