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Friday, May 09, 2008

Two Wheelin' It, Baby!

Had a huge moment in the fam this past weekend. Sarah wanted to get her bike out and begin riding it. Problem was that we didn't have any training wheels (broke last year). However, she insisted that we teach her. Kelly and I thought silently to ourselves that this could take days if not a week or longer for her to learn to ride this thing. She's not particularly athletic or superior in coordination. She's your normal 5.5 year old when it comes to stuff like that.

But what you see in the video happened literally in 15 minutes or less! It is pretty cool and simply amazing. Needless to say we are by stock in Band-Aid/Johnson & Johnson right now. Our kids elbows and knees are starting to look like strip mines!

How awesome is that? That's my biggest girl! Woohoo! Now Parker is chomping at the bit to take his training wheels off.

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