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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Unthinkable Days

I hear stories like this and can only think...Wow. It's the unthinkable and unimaginable: the death of a child. Your child. I know this hits home for me, my parents, and siblings with the death of my sister. I know it hits home for me as the father of a daughter.

So to hear the sad news of Steven Curtis Chapman's family and the tragic death of his youngest daughter just tears at my soul. It also breaks my heart for all of the parents, siblings, and families in the world who don't make millions and don't make the headlines as the news of their loss reverberates through their communities and world.

May all of you who have been impacted by such tragic loss continue to heal and experience the power of God's love and grace.

This song, "Cinderella", was written by Chapman and inspired by his two youngest daughters. I've heard it a couple a times on the radio and come to tears every time as I think of my Sarah. And in light of his daughter's death, it takes on a whole new light.

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Andrew Clarke said...

I heard about this little girl's death, and it is heart-tearing. I suffer from depression at times, and this is the sort of thing that can bring it on. I heard one other really rotten story along these lines. A Christian family had a car accident in which two of their children died. The father, driving, had fallen asleep at the wheel. He had undiagnosed SLEEP APNOEIA and the public prosecutor was debating whether to set a legal precedent by charging him with neglect for not knowing the problem and taking precautions. I felt sickened when I heard that. It shows that satan can use legitimate public officials for evil purposes of his own. I don't think that the case proceeded, but even to mention it when the family were suffering that sort of grief...

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