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Sunday, September 20, 2009

U2 360 Tour Highlights

Last week on this day, I was walking Michigan Ave. in Chicago with my wife, Kelly, sister, Marcie, and sis-in-law, Toni getting psyched up for the concert that was going to take place in a few hours: U2. I got this great idea while waiting in line for concert t-shirts: why don't I video 30 secondish clips of each song that U2 plays!

Well, it was a great idea until I realized about half way through the show that I didn't have enough memory! AAAHHH. So I had to do some editing/deleting on the fly. And so what I was left with was some of my favorite snippets of the best concert I have ever seen live.

I'll be posting one clip a day until I have no more clips left to post. They are any where between 15-60 seconds long. It'll give you a glimps into my experience, the show, and where we sat in relation to the stage (the video makes it seem like we were further away than we really were. We had great seats!).

To start if off, I'll post three of the shorter clips from concert day/night:

Opening Act on Michigan Ave

Opening act was really Snow Patrol. Didn't see much of them, but they sound good.

Amazing Grace

Irish Boy

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