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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Championship Sunday - Head vs Heart

It's a good day to be a football fan, particularly a NFL football fan. Colts vs Jets. Saints vs Vikings. All sorts of great match-ups, story lines, and players/coaches are taking place today. I can't wait to watch.

The first game of the day is the one my heart is most into. Having lived in Indy for 4 years, I will be rooting for the Colts. They do have the better team overall and should win. But the J-E-T-S, Jets! Jets! Jets! are confident, hot and on a roll. That worries me a bit. However, Colts have the most cerebral quarterback of his generation (along with made physical skills to back it up): Peyton Manning. He's already seen this defense once playing at it's best...huge advantage for Peyton. So at the end of the day, I'm going with my head based on his football head...the Colts. I'll miss you Rex Ryan and your awesome press conferences.

Second game of the day is much tougher to pick. I could go into all sorts of reasons for picking the Vikes or the Saints. But I am not going to bore you. So I am picking with my heart on this one. I'm hoping for the Saints. That team wants this. That city needs this. I think it would be awesome if they got to the Super Bowl. Nothing against Favre and the men in purple, but this is the feel good story that I want to see and hear about for the next two weeks. So Saints it is. Maybe you can make another run at it next year Brett. Or maybe not. Or maybe. Or...

Colts vs Saints in the Superbowl. Head vs Heart. Here's to some great games!

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