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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Back to the Back

For those of you that know or may not know: my back is whack. Here are a couple of emails that I sent that will bring you up to date where I am at in the "getting better" process.

Email #1:

Just wanted to tell you, remind you and ask you for your prayers. I go in for this discogram/discography ( @ 9:00am. Should be painful (no anesthesia), but I'll live. I'll see how long I can milk it to get out of packing up around the house!

Email #2:

Thanks for thinking of and praying for me and the old back. The procedure went went well albeit a bit painful. The radiologist stuck me three times in my lower back with lidocane (sp?) and then proceeded to push three six inch 20 gauge needles into three discs in my lower back. He then pushed saline and contrast into them to see if they hurt, how much they hurt, and if the hurt was anything like I felt at home. All of that...ouch! Little time, but lots o pain and pressure. After filling those discs with contrast they rolled me in for cat-scan (again, sp?) - x-ray machine that looks like a ginormous donut. Once that was done I was back in post-op resting up and waiting for my limo service - Kelly and the kids in our 94 Honda. We'll know more results and where we go from here once I go to the back doc on Tuesday.

Non-email, but update on today's doc visit:

It was short, but sweet. I have two discs that are squeezing - due to the tear - (ever so slightly) out from between their places in my spine. They are putting pressure on my nerve back there. So he has scheduled me for a neuro-surgical consult/visit in the first part of May. He said to avoid surgery if I can and ask for an epidural and steroid injection(S) if I can. He says that b/ I'm young and with exercise, he thinks I can heal that way.

So there you have it. Keep praying. Healing. Wisdom. Discipline. Endurance. Strength.

Grace and peace.

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