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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Back to School Sale

Here's the news you've been praying about and waiting for...I am officially accepted into the Master of Education - School Counseling program! Yeehaw and Oh My!

It's nuts because I am feeling both super excited and a lot bit nervous. I'm excited about the challenge, the learning, the working with kids and adults in new environments, moving closer to family and old friends but at the same time fearful of the financial crunch, moving logistics, uprooting from friends we love, selling a home we love and the same old same old - homework!

Keep praying for us. This is going to be really difficult for us emotionally, relationally, and financially. One practical way to keep us in your thoughts and prayers is to pray that I would get one of the Graduate Assistant jobs that is opening up for the fall semester (there are 8-9 openings). That would pay for school and offer a small salary for the year that would cover a mortgage/rent. I'll get my resume and a cover letter in by the end of the week but won't know anything until the end of July or beginning of August (school starts Aug. 20).

So there you have it. The journey continues from your newest Dayton Flyer.


stephanie said...

Hey Seth - Congrats on being accepted to grad school! I'm sure God has a great plan for you. I'll definitely keep you and Kelly and the rest of the fam in my prayers.

Seth said...

Thanks, Steph! We need 'em big time!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Seth on being accepted to grad school (again!!) I pray that God leads and directs you to where He wants and needs you to be. I pray that He lessens your burdens and makes this transition as easy as possible.
We love you all.

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