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Friday, April 06, 2007

Potentially Dangerous Question #3

I really am enjoying reading the book, God in the Flesh, by Don Everts. In this book, Everts invites us to look deeper into the Gosels, deeper at Jesus, and deeper into the things that left people amazed when they encounter the Messiah.

In chapter 3, we look at why people were seized with amazement by Jesus. Luke 5:26 reads: Everyone was amazed and gave praise to God. They were filled with awe and said, "We have seen remarkable [strange] things today."

And what do we do when we see strange things...we stare at them. Whether it is the large, deformed faced little girl I see at work or the wild video on You Tube, I can't help but look and stare at those things that are unique, wierd, out of the ordinary, or strange. And so Everts ask:

Potentially Dangerous Question #3: Is it possible to focus on Jesus too much?

He goes on to write, "On our deathbeds, will we say, 'I wish I had spent less time looking at Jesus'? I am sure there are many things that occupy us now that we will on e day look back upon and regret spending so much time on. But after considering the question for some time, I don't believe we'll regret a single moment of considering Jesus."

So I ask...Why spend so much time focusing on Jesus? What are the ramifications of spending some much time focusing on Him? How would I be different? Would other see a difference? How would they be different because of my time spent with Him?

There you go. Chew on that bit o fat for a while. Peace and late.

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