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Sunday, February 24, 2008


Kelly and I had a quick little date night last evening. Those are fewer and farther between than we'd like so we take them when we can get them. My mom came over and put the kids down so we could head to the movies. However, this wasn't your typical movie. We went to a rock concert in the comfort of the theater: U23D.

And what a show it was. I wouldn't recommend it for everyone, but for those that dig U2: go see it. It's a blast! You see everything that makes U2 great...passion, showmanship, creativity, and the music. A great set list (except for maybe Miss Sarajevo - not my favorite U2 song), amazing visuals, and the cool 3D effects makes this fun to go see.

So if you have some extra cash lying around and love to rock out to U2, get to the theater, put on the glasses, and try and keep your voice down for Pete sake!

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