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Friday, March 21, 2008

The Day You Could Almost Wish Didn't Happen

We were sitting at the lunch table: Kelly, Sarah, Parker, and myself. Kelly was getting ready to go out to a local church to worship Jesus through the stations of the cross. She was telling the kids where she was going and why.

Then a very natural statement came out of Sarah's mouth: I wish Jesus didn't have to die.

That statement comes from the heart really. It comes from a child's way to express compassion. And at many levels who of us looking at the events surrounding this Passion week of Jesus to Maundy Thursday to this Good Friday for the first time and/or with fresh perspective wouldn't state the very same thing.

And you know, from a human perspective, I wish he didn't have to suffer and die, too. Who of us wishes a cruel and unusual punishment/execution on an innocent man? None that I know of.

But God in his infinite wisdom and love knew that this was the way. His way. The only way. The way to show us about sacrifice. The way to teach us about death. The way to further reveal His amazing love for His people. The way to lead us to life.

As you and I reflect on the way of Christ's suffering today, may we be in awe of His passion for us and be thankful that it did happen.

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