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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Something Better?

I just got done walking (more like trudging) through the book of Leviticus. About halfway through, I decided to add the book of Romans to the reading time. Leviticus is about God's attention to detail and devotion of his chosen people, Israel. This time around (and it's been a LONG time around since last getting into Leviticus) I decided to read it in The Message version. Good way to read that book with some fresh language.

It was great to couple that read with Romans as you run parallel tracks about the depth of the law and the depth of grace.

However, as I read the books, I couldn't help but wonder that as the people of Israel were hearing, receiving, and incorporating the law into their lives, were they thinking to themselves, "There has got to be a better way! All these rituals and sacrifices? There has got to be more to loving God than choosing and presenting the right animal offering. Why are the Levities the only ones who get to experience the intimate presence of God? There has to be more. There's got to be better. There's got to be deeper!"

I know that's how I'd feel given the fact that I'm not a detail guy. I'd get lost in dotting the "i"s and crossing the "t"s. That would be tough. I'm pretty sure they would have either stoned me pretty quick or at the least banished me to live outside the community. I'm also not sure I would have seen my need for something or someone else that ultimately satisfies what I long for apart from following the law.

Just something I've been wondering about for awhile. I also think that there are some of you out there that are thinking similar, if no, the same thing. "There has got to be a deeper way to know love, meaning, hope, peace, and/or God in this life. I can't be just going to church. I can't be just being a good person who follows the rules and doesn't rock the boat. There has to be more to this life. There just has to be."

Just some things I've been pondering. How about you? What have you been thinking about for you or others lately?

1 comment:

Tim Mauriello said...

My favorite, and I think most significant statement, "I'm pretty sure they would have either stoned me pretty quick or at the least banished me to live outside the community."

And who was it Jesus came and lived among and spent his time with? Those like us who could never make it any other way. Great post my friend!

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