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Thursday, June 05, 2008

My Wild Man Is Two Wheelin'!

So a little while back I posted here on the exciting news that Sarah learned how to ride her bike withOUT training wheels. In light of that big sister achievement, Parker began asking if he could take off his training wheels and start riding his two-wheel bike. Therefore, two weekends ago we said a big yes. However, once on the bike, Parker wasn't so sure.

He got and I think realized that it was going to be a bit harder and maybe a bit more painful (the falls can go ouch) than he originally thought. So he decided to shelve the experience for a later date. When we got to this past weekend, he declared that he was ready to give the old preschool try and hope back on the two wheeler. Thus donning his protective gear, he hopped on the bike he went! Two or three times with Kelly holding on to the seat for some balance and moral support is all he needed be for he was free stylin' and profilin'!

Pretty cool stuff. X-Games here he comes! Way to go, Parker!

On a parenting note/tip: I think one of the things that helped our kids figure out the whole balance thing on a two-wheel bike was learning how to ride a scooter. Our kids were flying around the driveway and circle long before we took off the training wheels. I really do think that was huge help in getting their balance coordinated for riding their bike without the aid of training wheels. So if you want a fun way to help your kid work on large motor balance skills as it relates to riding doohickey: invest in a scooter. It's not scientifically proven, just my humble opinion.

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