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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Who Do You Want To Be?

So the night we got power back in the house, the kids were able to read books while in bed. They had their lights on in order to turn the pages of their stories with great expectation. They love doing it every night, but on this night-the first night with electricity in 4+ days-this everyday ritual takes on an extra special feel.

Sarah then asked if I would snuggle for a bit and as a good and adoring father, I quickly obliged. As we laid in here bed, we began talking and I was overcome with the need to be an uber cheesy dad by having this conversation:

Me: Sarah?

Sarah: Yeah, Daddy.

Me: Did you that I believe that you can be anything that you can be?

Sarah: I know.

Me: You do? What do you want to be?

Sarah: I am already what I want to be. Me.

I was speechless. It was a really profound moment that blew me away. Do I think she knows what that really means? Not totally, but I think this is an amazing start for a little girl.

1 comment:

Dr. Matt Rings said...

Too cool. You have some great children... you are blessed!

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