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Friday, May 08, 2009

Parker is One Hand Old Today

It's been a quiet week for me on the blog front. Lots going on with internship, finishing up grad school, finding a job, and, oh yeah, family, spiritual life, and mowing my lawn. I'm not crying. It's just a full plate. That's all.

Besides life being full, life is also crazy. My son, Parker, is 5 today. Five freaking years old. Wow.

What an amazing little boy full of life, love, and character. I am so proud to be his daddy. My prayer for him today is that he would continue to grow big and strong: physically, intellectually, and spiritually. But I'm adding to that prayer today. I'm adding...brave.

May, God, in His infinite grace, wisdom, and might, fill your life with bravery, Parker. Bravery to stand up for what is right when everything screams do wrong. Bravery to love no matter what. Bravery to hate sin more than anything else. Bravery to pursue purity and holiness. Bravery to be godly, spend time with godly people, and walk with God Himself.

I love you, Wild Man. Always and forever. No matter what. I am forever grateful that you are my boy.

1 comment:

Matt and Toni Rings said...

And we are grateful to be in his life, too, and in some small way help fulfill your prayer for him, and God'ss will for his life.

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