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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Where Love Is

I am not sure how I got thinking about it. Kelly and I were sitting on the couch watching either Lost or American Idol. It was probably something in one of the shows we were watching or it might have been a commercial, but something got me thinking about three amazing words/one amazing truth in the Bible: God is love (1 John 4:8).

Now this thought has been brewing for a few days now. I must admit, I'm not sure I have thought it out fully to it's logical extent, but I think what I'm about to share makes sense. Also, other, more intelligent, godly, thoughtful people before me have probably discussed, written, and spoken about this very topic long before I stumbled upon it (if you know of someone/some book, let me know).

But here it is...if God is love then where ever/whenever an act of love is performed in the world, God is there. Any act of love done by any person, God is there at work: moving, caring, loving, and sharing of Himself with those loving and being loved. Sure that logic works for Mother Theresa, Billy Graham, or your grandmother, but what about Hitler? Osama Bin-Laden? The bully that picks on you, your friends, and even his own dog? When they truly engage in an act of love, is God there?

Now this does not mean that everyone who does an act of love is a knower of God and follower of His son, Jesus. This line of logic does not speak so much about us as people, but all about God who is an interactive, initiative taking divine being who uses all sorts of means and ways to share with people His love for them. That's a big, awesome, and amazing God.

What a great encouragement for followers of Jesus who think that God can't/won't/doesn't use them to make an impact for the Kingdom. What a great spring board to talk with those who don't know, love and follow Jesus to say something like, "Can we have a conversation about this love that share with others and where it comes from?"

Does this make sense? Does the logic/truth breakdown somewhere that I am missing? Does this impact you like it did me? How can you and I use this to encourage other followers of Jesus? How can you and I use this to engage people with the reality of the Gospel?

1 comment:

Matt and Toni Rings said...

I think you are onto one of the great mysteries of the universe... that God is everywhere, that God is Love, and that His Good can be found everywhere. That "God Spark" is in every human being, and God LOVES each and every person, and enjoys their goodness and love when it is expressed.
The breakdown comes when that God spark is mistaken to be the mark of salvation, by universalists, but it is not, if we are to believe Jesus' teachings.
And that is also a mystery, an antimony of redemption and knowledge of Christ, and God's love for all mankind...
I'm just glad I'm not Him, and that he has it all figured out. I just need to worry about moi and then loving my neighbor in Christ.

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