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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Third Time's a Charm?

We'll just have to wait and see if the old adage is true.

I had a third interview today with Dublin City Schools for the school counseling position that is open at Jerome High School. Overall the interview went well. Good dialog. Good connection. Good questions. Hopefully good answers.

I was interviewed by the building principal, asst. principal, and one of the school counselors. We met for about 45-50 minutes where I answered the usual questions dealing with strengths/weaknesses, strengths I bring to the team, good counseling experiences/bad ones, handling team conflict, etc. I got a change to ask questions at the end: what do they love about working at Jerome, what is difficult about working at Jerome, current state of the counseling dept., and leadership style/expectations of the building principal.

Now we wait. I think they should call by the end of next week. The team that I met with will send their recommendation to the central office where the person they send will meet with people at the central office (one last time...what the?! more interviews? formality?) where they finally(?) make a final decision. They are looking to have the position filled by June 1.

As I drove home, I had the usual regrets about missing a couple of opportunities to share about the strengths and experience I have been given that qualify me to be - hopefully - a good school counselor. But those second guesses/missed opps are what they are...missed. I can't do anything about it. And I'm ok with that. I'll learn from the experience and use it in the next interview process if Dublin does not work out.

Thanks for listening. Thanks for praying. Thanks for joining me (and Kelly and the kids) on this ride God has us on.

I wonder where it will stop? Hhhmmm.

P.S. I didn't get the job. Got a call a week or so ago letting me know I didn't make it to the final two. They told me I did a great job and interviewed very well, but they advanced two candidates with more education/school counseling experience. It's all good. God is faithful and I will keep pluggin' along by applying and working my networks and contacts. Thanks for praying with me on this one!


Brian said...

Very exciting to read Seth! Sounds like you interviewed very well...there are always "wish I could have said this." Hopefully the position will open up for you. If not, they are very much missing out!

Matt and Toni Rings said...

And sorry to hear that you did not get this job. We are always praying for you and that you find contentment and purpose through all your journeys.

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