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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Holding Pattern

Well, it's done. My application for U of Dayton is finished and in their hands (actually been done for some time, but am just not getting around to posting about it). Weird to think that another application for graduate school has been filled out and submitted...I thought I was done with that a loooong time ago...guess not. So for now I sit and wait. That is hard given the fact that I so much want to give Kelly the answers (and some security) about what the future holds, where we will be, and how we can go about preparing for all that. But I can't. So I wait. Trusting in God and waiting to see how He will lead.

1 comment:

Janeen said...

Seth Rings, You make my eyes leak. I love the pics of you and your family. But the "I love you everyday" conversation is deeply touching. Thanks for touching my soft spot today. I love and love you!

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