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Sunday, December 31, 2006

My First Date

Remember your first date? I do and I will. I remember my first date ever with Stephanie Curry: Karate Kid 2 and we held hands. My palms never have sweated so much. I remember my first date with my wife, Kelly: Pray for Rain concert at BGSU. We rocked our little hearts out and the rest is history. I will remember my first date with my daughter, Sarah: Charollotte's Web. Wow. I'm not sure which I did more the movie or watch Sarah watch the movie. She sat in my lap the whole time. She asked questions out loud and I tried to answer them as softly as I could.

As we walked out of the theatre, I couldn't help but think that life was simply moving to fast. She was growing up to fast. It was just yesterday that I was bringing her home for the first time to our home in Pittsburgh. It was just yesterday that she was sitting up, crawling around, and walking here and there for the very first time. And yet yesterday I couldn't help but think that as fast as these first four years have gone by, that the next 10-15 are going to go by just as fast if not faster. And to that I say...oh, well. I will savor every moment as best as I can and every date I have with her as best as I can. What an honor God has bestowed upon me to be the daddy of a little girl.

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