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Friday, December 19, 2008

7 Days Of Christmas Images-Advent Conspiracy

7 Christmas images - pictures, videos, art, etc - in the next seven days. Some funny. Some serious. Some just because. Just a little something to get us thinking, feeling, and seeing this Christmas season through different lenses and then experiencing it in fresh ways.

So next in line is a video from Advent Conspiracy. This organization is challenging people, families and churches to think, act, and give differently this holiday season. The video is well done, but gets some mixed reviews (along with some thoughtful dialog) on its message here at the Out of Ur blog.

We as a family have tried to stepped up to the plate recently to expand our giving to the poor and orphaned of the world by giving to and through World Vision and Asia's Hope. It's been a really cool thing as we give and pray for Jamilia and Onel at dinner and at bedtimes. This organization takes the issue of poverty and challenges us to not only view our money differently and specifically view our Christmas giving differently. Check out the video and tell us what you think about it.

What are you, your family, or your church doing differently/uniquely during this advent season to share your lives and resources with those less fortunate in your communities and in our world? Are your patterns of spending, giving, and getting changing as you respond to the poor of the world? Be sure to check out the Out of Ur discussion, too.

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