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Monday, January 12, 2009

Great Man. Great Leader. Great Coach.

In a normal voice, Tony Dungy would say to his players at the beginning of training camp, "Men, listen closely. This is the loudest you will ever hear me speak when I address you or the team." No yelling. No tantrums. No hype. No ego. Just honor, respect, and studly leadership.

As Dan Wetzel wrote in his column on Yahoo! Sports, "Monday Dungy’s decision was the NFL’s loss, perhaps everyone else’s gain" At-risk youth. Convicts and prisoners. His family. Various other organizations and ministries that are bringing heaven to earth. The Colts will miss you. Indianapolis will miss you. The NFL will miss you. Now those who really need you and want you welcome you their world with open arms.

May your salt and light continue to bless, encourage, empower, and lead others to the place and person of faith, hope, and love that gives you strength.

Yahoo! Sports column here.

ESPN column here.

CNN/SI column here.

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