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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Bday, Baby!

On this day 37 years ago, my wife was born with temperatures much as they are today (-2 in '72. Oddly enough it was 65 degrees when she went home from the hospital a couple of days later!). Words can't do justice who this woman is, what a wife she is, and how moms don't get any better than her.

She is a loving and serving friend. She has a listening ear and a discerning heart. Her ability to make people feel comfortable to be themselves as they spend time together is extraordinary. Her ability to be thoughtful and insightful one moment and the rough-in-tumble the next is fun to be around (right, Andy? PUNCH!).

I thank God for her every chance I get. I am one blessed dude that God crossed our paths at Bowling Green State University and humbled that this ah-maz-ing woman picked me to share the rest of her life with in marriage.


So happy birthday, babe! Thanks for moving up in age so that I don't have to feel so old now! You are the best! I love life with you all the more.

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