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Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm Dreaming of a Karaoke Christmas

This Christmas was the last Christmas that the Rings family - Mom, Dad, Bret, Blane, Matt, Marcie, and Me plus all our families - will be together for a long time. My brother is being stationed in Okinawa with the Navy and my nephew, Alex, is going to college in Australia at Hillsong. Kinda cool, but kinda sad all at the same time.

So this Christmas when we were all together, my sister and I organized a competition amongst the family divided into teams of two. We had cornhole, blackjack table, Apples to Apples, puzzles, Wii bowling, and then to finish it off we had a huge karaoke battle. It was hysterical. So for the next week or so I'll be posting the videos from that.

Not great quality, but you'll see the fun we had. Peace and late!

Sarah, Mesa, and Toni with Matt on vocals:

Bret and Sarah with Matt on vocals:

1 comment:

crystalrings07 said...

I love the one of sweet Sarah and Bret...what moves!!! :-) It appears that just maybe Sarah is imitating some of those smooth dance moves of Bret's! What a fun time it was being with everyone at New Years!

Luv, Crystal

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