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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Creativity and Education (And Parenting, Spiritual Formation...)

I was talking to my good (and very missed) friend, Tim, today. We gabbed about a lot of things: church, books, ministry, parenting, vacations, etc. But as we were talking he reminded me about a great web site called TED. It is devoted to sharing and spreading ideas from brilliant thinks from such fields as technology, the arts, education, religion, business, and culture (to name a few).

I came across this video about creativity and education. But if you don't work directly in the field of education, but tangential to it say in youth ministry, parenting, social work, counseling, etc, I still think you'll find it very interesting, informative and inspiring. Plus, you'll get a good laugh...this guy is pretty funny.

Video is just under 20 minutes. So grab a coke and enjoy!

(bu to Tim via cell phone conversation)

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