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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Great New Club For My Bag

I love golf. I suck at golf. But you know, I find golf teaches me about God and life sometimes. There really are some great analogies to take away from amazing and infuriating game. One of the analogies I take away is that you can never have enough clubs in your golf bag.

That is particularly true of how we share the story of God and our story as a Christ-follower. Lots of grew up sharing these stories and their impact with evangelistic "clubs" like the Roman Road, the Four Spiritual Laws, Evangelism Explosion, and Your Most Important Relationship. All of them have some unique and important principals that help certain types of people who are far away from Jesus come another step closer to knowing Him, loving Him, and following Him.

However, all of them fall a little (and some way) short of capturing the fullness that is the gospel story. Thus when I came across "The Big Story" or as some have dubbed it: the Four Circles.
Here are the four big ideas that the communication diagram shares with listener:

1. designed for good
2. damaged by evil
3. restored for better

4. sent together to heal.

It's a very biblical, full, missional tool that really communicates some of the big ideas that God weaves throughout the Bible. You can check out an interview with the creator of the design here at Christianity Today Online. You can also check out the creator walking through a drawing of the Big Story here. Some really good stuff.

So here's my question: what story, tool, or design points do you carry in your golf bag to share with people the good news found in the story of God and embodied in the person of Jesus?

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