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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Political Responsibility

My political responsibility vow is this: I will no longer put my head in the sand. I will no longer vote blindly. I will no longer claim there is too much to know. It is my responsibility to do my very best to be in the know, to understand, and to participate in the political process accordingly.

Here's a great little spot from a blog I track - Revolution in Jesusland - about how we the people live out WWJD (with democracy or three million dollars). Good stuff.

"We do not live in ancient Rome; 2,000 years of redemptive history have changed the world; to act as though we are living under the same circumstances as Jesus’ first followers is to disregard what thousands of generations of martyrs lived and died for. Instead, we should be fully engaging — as Jesus did — with the world as we find it. In our case that means engaging our people through the democracies that our ancestors left us…"

Then I have to ask again...why didn't Ron Paul get the Republican (I know, I know, but seriously.). This explanation of the "mother of all bailouts" for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is good. Well worth the 7.5 minutes.

Get in the know, friends. Get in the know.

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