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Friday, November 28, 2008

Be Ye Thankful

It's the day after Thanksgiving and I sit here in the house thinking to myself, "Holy Wow! I have so much to be thankful for."

- Kelly, my wife. Yikes. Who would I be without her? Scary. I am amazed by her ability to love, serve, care, and have fun in every role in her life. Amazing!
- Sarah, my daughter, for her thoughtfulness and sensitivity.
- Parker, my son, for his silliness and little servants heart.
- I'm thankful for my parents who have stepped up in major ways to help us get through this season with as little debt and much support for our kids as possible.
- For our church that is hurting place. But it's also a place God is still redeeming for his glory and kingdom purposes.
- For my bro-in-law, Don, who's desperate enough to give the ex-youth ministry guy a chance to love kids and share with kids the love of God.
- I'm thankful for our little tribe of brothers and sisters known as our small group/house church. Deep, meaningful community and belonging takes time and commitment and these peeps are taking the steps to make it happen. It's sweet to be apart of.
- Thankful for school as a time to detox, re-think, reflect, and pursue the call of learning about helping kids.
- For Onel and Jamila, the kids we sponsor through World Vision and the chance we have to have an impact on their lives.
- I am grateful Bo Pelini and the restoration of Husker pride and the Blackshirts.
- I am stoked about the Wii and the fun our family has playing, cheering, and laughing together.
- right this very moment, I'm thankful for re-runs of Family Guy...funny stuff.
- For a chance to work at a crazy, creative place like DECA and the crazy kids of dV8 at Far Hills Community Church.
- the Matt Maher CD, Empty and Beautiful. It pushes and pulls me closer to Jesus.
- The Shack. A wonderful novel about seeing God fresh and anew as we walk, struggle, and commune with Him during the dark hours of our souls.
- cherry coke and strong bow cider - the nectar of the gods!

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