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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

If You Could Lose Your Faith...

...this would be the way I would do so. And it almost (heck, maybe even might of! ha!) happened to me today.

So it's the first day of Turkey break at UD, DECA, and Kettering Fairmont High School. I have tons to do this week like hang with the family tomorrow for Thanksgiving (can't wait!), a student connection Saturday morning (can't wait, again!), and, oh, there is this little thing called my research paper due next Tuesday (can totally wait!). So what did I do today? I decided to procrastinate on that and be a good hubby and daddy by hanging Christmas lights outside. Go, me!

It was a beautiful day. Sun was out. It was balmy hot...43 freaking degrees! I almost busted out shorts. So I took advantage of the weather. I gave myself the goal of getting it done by the time my sister's family came to the house to drop of their black lab, Harley Sioux as they leave for northern Indiana.

Anywho, I am busting along with the lights and making good time getting them up. I get them where I wanted. Placed in just the right spots on the shrubbery and bushes. While I am doing this I think to myself...hey! Shouldn't these lights be on? I mean they are plugged in. But I don't pay much attention and keep putting out more strands of lights.

When I finally go back to plug everything in (remember the above self conversation)...they are already plugged in! It's the first thing I flipping did! I think quick. GFS? Not tripped? Bad bulb? am I going to check over 1200 lights, Clark Griswald? Blown fuse in house and in light strands. Nope. All good.


Every strand is effing bad...six freaking strands. Nuts.

So what did I learn? Porn won't get me. Money issues probably won't get me. Women prayerfully won't get me. But what will? Those damn Christmas lights! They will most definitely take the Christ out of my Christmas.

So take my advice and DON'T put up Christmas lights this year. You just might lose your faith or never find one!

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