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Friday, November 07, 2008

Totlol - YouTube For Younger Kids

I don't know if this is really cool or all a bit sad, but I found this video site (powered by YouTube) called Totlol that has videos that are all dedicated to kid: infants, toddlers, younger kids, and tweens. It seems as thought they are trying to make it very safe, kid/family friendly, and fun/entertaining. Here is what they tout on their opening page:

"Totlol is a video website designed specifically for children. It is community moderated. It is constantly growing. It is powered by YouTube. All videos were submitted, screened and rated by parents. The selection is huge and if you like, you can participate too."

I'm not sure, but do our small kids need more videos? But anywho, if you are a parent, work with small kids, or are simply entertained by silly/annoying videos and music, this is the place for you! From what little I've searched, it looks to be very fun, silly, and safe.

Here is one of my kids favorite songs/videos that is on the site. Not sure where we first saw it, but they did say over and over again, "Daddy, can we watch that elephant video again?"

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