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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

America's "Healthiest" Fast Food Chains

For all of my youth pastor, full-time ministry, and school counselor/teacher friends out there that usually eat on the run for meetings or during a planning period, here is the list for you: America's "Healthiest" Fast Food Restaurants. The reason healthiest is in quotations is because, let's face it, healthiest for fast food joints is a relative term. There are plenty of healthier options out there, but if you have to go fast food, these place make the grade.

I think some on the list will surprise.

1. Chick-fil-A (love the Chick, but a bit pricey)
2. Subway (Five dollar 'em)
3. Jamba Juice (they serve food?)
4. Au Bon Pain (never eaten here)
5. Boston Market (did they go under?)
6. Cici's Pizza (problem is...all I want to eat are the cinnamon rolls!)
7. McDonald's (didn't see that one coming)
8. Taco Bell (didn't see that one either, but Kelly will be happy!)
9. Wendy's (mmmm...frosties)

See the full article here.

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