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Saturday, March 21, 2009

That This Would Be Normal

Last night, the church that we serve and and worship at, had a kids' movie night. I think it was for kids K-5 grade. It was a simple, relaxed, relational time for kids to get together with leaders from the kreation kids ministry to play, laugh, and have fun together.

As it was coming up, Sarah wanted to take some friends. Initially, she wanted to take some churched friends from our small group that we are apart of that is connected to another local church. I held my tongue wanting her to develop and take initiative relational with other little girls in her life. A couple of weeks before the event, I mentioned in passing who she was thinking of taking to the movie night. She said she didn't know. I wondered with her if she had thought about taking any of her friends from school.

It was as though a light bulb went on! From that day forward she focused on who she wanted to invite. So some time last week, Kelly and Sarah called 4 classmates from her k-garten class to invite them to come. 3 said yes! She was so pumped. I was one proud pappa.

All the girls had a great time. Playing, laughing, building friendships, creating memories together, and catching a glimps that even church can be a safe, fun place to be yourself all while being introduced to Jesus. Wow.

What I am most stoked about was that a 6 year old, relationally cautious little girl stepped out and said yes to her friends. What I will continue to pray for is that her heart would continue to grow big for the heart of God. A Heart that beats for those far from Him. As a friend of mine, Tim, put it...that this experience would be normal for her. That it would be abnormal NOT to reach out to those that are lost without Jesus. That growing in love with God meant not more time in the pews of a church, but more time in the lives of people who need to see, feel, hear, and experience Him.

Draw her close, sweet Jesus. May her knowledge of your power, grace and truth compel her to place love and risk with those far away from you. And, while you are at it, make that a ditto for me, too. Amen.

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