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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day and Happy B-day, Mom Voet

There is a pretty cool little series over at about St. Patrick. There are lots of legends surrounding this patron saint and looks to get to the truth behind the man.

Even more relevant to me that this being a day of green fashion, green rivers, and green beer, it's a day to celebrate the birth of my amazing mother-in-law. Louis Voet, you are a wonderful woman full of love, grace and wisdom. Thanks for being such and integral part of my life, as well as, the life of Kelly and the kids. You are a tangible blessing of God in our lives and we live richer lives because you are apart of it. Love you, Mom V!

I wish I could direct you, the reader, to a cool website about her, but sadly I can't. So I will have to direct you to to give you insight in Mom V's Irish heritage. Click here for a short history into the life of St. Patty. Click here to take an Irish quiz. And click here to check out all the interesting stuff that has to pass on wannabe's like you and me.

The In-laws with Mom V at Xmas. Happy Birthday!

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