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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Feel Good Song of the Day - Stand By Me

Don't know what kind of day you've had. Don't know what kind of season your living through. So if you are anything like me and had some ups AND you've had some downs...this version of Ben E. Kings' classic, Stand By Me, will be guaranteed to brighten your day and cause you thank God for those in your life who have stood, do stand, and will stand by you.

This version was filmed in a "virtual street" studio in locations from Santa Monica to Spain to South Africa and everywhere in between. Very freaking cool. I agree with this post...maybe one of if not the coolest version of this song ever.

1 comment:

Kiel said...

FACT, Stand By Me is one of my favorite songs. Thanks for posting this! Did you know you can download it on iTunes or Amazon MP3?

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