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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Test Smest

Big. Really Big. Huge. Ginormous test today!

Today I take my Ohio state Praxis II exam at the University of Dayton. It's a big test because if I pass the test I will get my school counselor's license. And if I don't pass, well, you get the drift...not good.

Overall, I'm as ready as I'll ever be. I've done really well in my graduate program: one B+ (don't get me started!) and the rest A's. I've been studying for the test for some time now. I feel fairly confident that I know most of the content well enough to be an effective counselor. On the other hand, I've taken two practice exams: one where I scored 22% higher than what it takes to pass the exam and the other (which is a seems more like the exam I will take today) I totally failed! So....

In the grand scheme of things, my trust is in God for wisdom, insights, discernment, etc. I'm hoping that all the prep work and studying will pay off. If not, as a friend of mine, Lilly, put it: this is the most expensive practice exam ever! Hahaha.

So if you are a regular to Held Up High or a first timer here, could you pray with me and for me to wait on the God of Heaven...that His presence would be evident to me and that I would wait on Him no matter what?

Thanks! You rock!

**[Update]** Finished the test...BRUTAL! Toughest test I've taken since being back in graudate school. I'll need a small miracle to pass. Thanks for praying! If I don't pass, I'll retake the test in June with a lighter wallet and better insight as to what to study/to know in order to pass.

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